Self Defense

At On Mission Martial Arts we teach a completely Christian martial art. It is not a traditional martial art being taught by Christian instructors, but rather it is a martial arts program that has been systematically developed to eliminate any links to Eastern philosophy/religion as well as to draw parallels between the martial arts concepts and movements and Biblical truths.


The style that we teach is called Kempo-Karate. It is a style that has been created primarily to develop Self Defense skills. We do not participate in tournaments as we consider this to be a survival art not a sport.


Secondary benefits are the many Physical Benefits and Mental Benefits from the training.

Spiritual Fitness

Along with the physical and mental disciplines of the On Mission Martial Arts training, our students will also work on developing their spiritual “muscles.”


Building on the foundation of our sure knowledge that we are saved by grace through faith, we strive to bring glory to our Lord and King by developing the Character of a Christian Warrior through consistent application of spiritual fitness exercises (or disciplines).


OMMA believes that it is the primary responsibility of the Church and the Christian family to disciple believers. That said, OMMA desires to come alongside these two institutions to support this growth and development in each student.


Various Spiritual Exercises, or disciplines are incorporated into the OMMA programs to help students develop spiritual fitness alongside their physical and mental fitness growth.

Community Outreach

The final component of the On Mission Martial Arts program is taking progressive and intentional steps to become an “On Misson Christian.”


We do this by stepping out of our comfort zone in serving others in our community, city, country and the world by helping meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs in the name of Jesus Christ.


Students will become more Aware of needs and opportunities to be a vessel of God’s love through words and deeds, will become further Equipped to minister to people, and will be gently encouraged to get more Engaged.


Aware, Equipped, Engaged – an On Mission Christian on the way to becoming an On Mission Black Belt!

On Mission Martial Arts is a Christian martial arts ministry and a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on spreading the Gospel through teaching martial arts to children and families, developing leaders and charitable service.